Elite Fitness Curaçao Goes Vegan!

Ever since the beginning of our journey, Elite Fitness had two main missions:

Number 1: to help people reach their natural optimal potential in physical health & mental wellness, and build a fit, functional, & beautifully shaped physique.

Number 2: to be the one of the most environmentally friendly and eco-conscious health and fitness facilities in the world.

Along the way on our relentless ever-evolving quest for knowledge, we have discovered two core values that strongly support our core missions:

1. There is no such thing as being an environmentalist and not being vegan. You can’t claim to love nature and animals, and kill animals just to satisfy your tastebuds.

2. It is highly unlikely to reach optimal physical health and mental wellness while consuming dead animals.

These two statements combined with our accumulated knowledge formed a solid basis for our transition to a Vegan Health, Wellness, Fitness and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle.

A core group of the Elite Fitness Family has transitioned to a Vegan Lifestyle since 2017, and now that we have gained (and continue to do our research) enough knowledge about the Vegan Lifestyle, we have made it our mission to educate our members and followers about Veganism.

Mainly how a Vegan Lifestyle can improve our physical health, our mental wellness, and ultimately how our choices can positively impact the ecological balance of our planet.